Loki and Mr. Jack


Mr. Jack and Loki

These two adorable hoglets were born to Frozone and Watson on June 13th, 2014. They’re our first successful litter this year, and already are quite the handful. Having a litter this small allowed the hoglets to grow far more quickly than Moriarty’s litter did last year. At three weeks they were already frighteningly large and active, crawling around on their wobbly legs.

Squinty eyed Jack

They’re doing very well these days and thankfully reaching the end of their teething. It looks as if Loki is going to be a lovely platinum girl and Mr. Jack a striking dark grey boy. Coming from Frozone they both carry the possibility of having platinum colored hoglets and with Watson’s genes there is a high tendency for salt and pepper as well.

Loki’s light coloring

They both have some very cute coloration on their feet that makes it look like they’re wearing socks.


Right now we just feel very lucky to have such beautiful hoglets after our recent loss of Watson.


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