A New Beginning


Otherworld Exotics began as a breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. But, over time we discovered that there were many hedgehog breeders, but there were no good sources for people to learn about, surrender, or have the support needed when adopting an exotic animal. So, we registered with the Hedgehog Welfare Society and became Maryland’s only hedgehog rescue. In addition to rescuing animals, we have begun developing education programs to allow people to learn more about other exotics, and other native creatures.

While we no longer breed, we do offer surrendered hedgehogs up for adoption. We offer to adopt them out with full cage setups, to make the adoption as easy as possible. This website, while advertising our adoptable animals, will also serve as a center for information regarding the animals we work with, their care, and natural history. We hope to help others learn to appreciate not only hedgehogs, but the other animals we encounter on a regular basis.

We are available to go to schools, nature centers, libraries, and ever birthday parties. We are happy to have people over to interact with our animals as well. The prices for such encounters can be found on our website here. Of course, you can also email us at OtherworldExotics@gmail.com to set up dates to visit or discuss us coming to your event.

The website will be updated once a week on Thursdays, but we are always available via e-mail and text to answer any queries.


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