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  1. Alison Requa

    Hello! I’ve been back and forth deciding weather a hedgehog would be the best new friend for me. I wanted to know how much one would usually go for and for how long their life span would be. I tend to get attached to my little critters and would love to have them for a little bit longer than a hamster. I am a full time students at towson university and wold love to have one as a new study buddy.

    • Hello, there! Normally hedgehogs in this area sell for around $250, though if you buy an older hedgehog they tend to be sold for less. They live for around 5-7 years on average, which is quite good for an animal this size. Much longer than a hamster! While hedgehogs are a decent investment at the start, the price tends to be less over time than one would pay for a dog or a cat. Vet bills for a checkup tend to be about $55, but there aren’t too many medical issues involved normally. University would be a great place to have one, as they are nocturnal so if you’re staying up late the hedgehog would be good company. 🙂

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