Otherworld Exotics is Maryland’s only Hedgehog Welfare Society approved Hedgehog Rescue.

For over 5 years we have been taking in surrendered hedgehogs, giving them the care they need, and then finding them appropriate homes. We have worked with police departments, animal control, and shelters throughout the bulk of Maryland and Virginia. We have traveled as far as Delaware and West Virginia when duty calls. While things are no longer as hectic as they once were (20 hedgehogs in a 1 bedroom apartment, anyone?) hedgehogs are still being surrendered to us and we are constantly on the lookout for new homes for them – think you might be a good match? Take a look at our adoptables page and see if any strike your fancy – then set up a date to visit the hedgie of your choosing.

In addition to hedgehog and rat rescue, we also offer up educational services. If you are interested in visiting our menagerie, feel free to e-mail or text and we can set up a date. We are also happy working with Nature Centers, Libraries, Pet Stores, and Pet Fairs. We are even happy to bring some animals to birthday parties if they are wanted. Our animals are well tamed and able to be interacted with by even small children.

If you would prefer to meet us at an event – look at our event calendar or follow our Twitter. We post frequently about upcoming visits there.

If you would like to donate to keep the lights on and the heat high in our hedgehog room, donations can be made via Paypal to OtherworldExotics@gmail.com.

Every little bit counts, and we and our animals thank you.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Alison Requa

    Hello! I’ve been back and forth deciding weather a hedgehog would be the best new friend for me. I wanted to know how much one would usually go for and for how long their life span would be. I tend to get attached to my little critters and would love to have them for a little bit longer than a hamster. I am a full time students at towson university and wold love to have one as a new study buddy.

    • Hello, there! Normally hedgehogs in this area sell for around $250, though if you buy an older hedgehog they tend to be sold for less. They live for around 5-7 years on average, which is quite good for an animal this size. Much longer than a hamster! While hedgehogs are a decent investment at the start, the price tends to be less over time than one would pay for a dog or a cat. Vet bills for a checkup tend to be about $55, but there aren’t too many medical issues involved normally. University would be a great place to have one, as they are nocturnal so if you’re staying up late the hedgehog would be good company. 🙂

  2. Keauna

    Where are you located? Are we able to stop by to see them and ask questions. I live in Maryland and my son is interested in having a hedgehog as a pet.

  3. Layla kaplan

    Hi! I emailed a few days ago about finding a time to come by and meet the hedgehogs, but I haven’t heard anything back. Is there some other way I can contact you?

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