Visit Our Creatures

We charge no fee for the initial visit to meet our animals. Whether you are visiting in hopes of eventually adopting a hedgehog from us, or simply want the experience of meeting our animals, the service is free. We want as many people as possible to be able to interact with these creatures and learn all they want about them. There is nothing more valuable than being able to get to know these animals and handle them yourself.

We do always accept donations for such visits, but we have no recommended minimum donations. Donations are primarily how we keep the lights on and the heat high to keep our animals comfortable here at Otheworld Exotics.


Hedgehog Adoption

We charge nothing for a hedgehog to be reserved for you, however we do insist that you visit the hedgehogs prior to adoption. We want to ensure that you handle the hedgehogs available and choose the one that you have the best connection with.

The charge for adoption is $100, and includes the full cage setup – with the exception of a heat lamp on most occasions. The reason for not including a CHE with the adoption is due to how many people have particular opinions as to which is best, and everyone’s situation being different. We trust the new owner to know what might best serve their needs.

Hedgehog Spa Day

Hedgehog Spa Days are a service that we offer to anyone with a hedgehog. Drop the hedgehog off with us for an hour while you run your errands, or stay with us and enjoy some tea while we tend to your animal. The spa day includes bathing, nail trimming, and a general check up.

We charge nothing for this service, but do accept donations for them. Donations are how we keep the lights on and the heat high here at Otherworld Exotics.

Pet Sitting Services

We are happy to pet sit your animals for you while you’re away. Currently we accept hedgehogs, rats, and tenrecs for pet sitting. If you have other exotics of a more scaly disposition I highly recommend our partner The Drawing Zoo as a great person to look after them. Our charges for this service vary, depending on the length of time and the medical needs of the animal in question.

Generally, the charge is $20 per day, with discounts occurring for stays over a week.

Contact us at or via text if you want to set up dates for pet sitting, and we would be happy to discuss the pricing with you.


Educational Events

We are happy to attend educational events. Whether a library, birthday party, nature center, or school – we are more than happy to go. We are happy to work with anyone, and can negotiate the prices to do so to make it a reality. The prices vary based on the amount of time that we will be in a given place, the number of animals, and the number of people attending.

Generally for events we will bring three hedgehogs and/or two rats. The base price for such an engagement is $100 with $25 per additional hour.

For information regarding engagements with Ms. Amelia the crow, contact us directly at


18 thoughts on “Prices

  1. Kat

    Me and my mom have been trying to find a place to get a hedgehog. My mom wants one that isn’t a baby because it’s going to be my last year of high school and she told me that it’s good to have one that’s an adult. So I was wondering if you have any availabile today or this time.

  2. Sharese Davis

    Hello! I’ve been doing research on adoption and I would love to meet some of your adorable babies!!! I’ve read so much but have yet to actually meet and hold a hedgie. Is there anyway I can meet and learn more about adoption?

    • Definitely! Send us an email at or text/call 406.548.2657. We’ve a number of adoptable hedgehogs currently, and will likely be getting a rather sweet girl in this weekend who might be perfect for your situation. I’d love for us to set up a meet and greet next week so you can know just what you’re getting into 😉

  3. Alyssa

    Hi! Ive been doing a lot of research on hedgehogs and I believe they would be the perfect fit for my family and I. I believe we’re pretty local to where you guys are based! Would it be possible to sometime soon set up a date one weekend to come by and meet some hedgehogs that are available for adoption? Please let me know 🙂

    • Hi Alyssa,

      We’re available this Saturday and Sunday if you’d like to drop by. We have a number of adoptables right now! Shoot me a text and we’ll set up a time. 406.548.2657

      Be lucky,


  4. Amie Sevrin

    Hi, there. Recently got our first hedgehog and wanted to know if you are still offering spa services. He is a baby and not very comfortable with us yet. We hand feed him and hold him once or twice a day so he is building trust, but his nails are ready to be cut and we don’t want to shock him or backslide with him.

  5. Krysta Robertson

    Hello! I’m here on this website in searching for a perfect hedgehog to pursue my happiness with companionship. Also hoping that the hedgehogs that you have up for adoption will be stupendous for it. This will be my first time adopting/purchasing a hedgehog so I’m not experienced with adopting/breeders, but I’m experienced with taking care of other rodents such as hamsters,ferrets, and mice. I’ve done my research to know how to provide for a hedgehog. Plus, my family and I are currently building a perfect habitat to accommodate the hedgehog’s needs for a happy and long life. Do we only have to meet up once if so where? Are there any hedgehogs currently up for adoption? What’s also required with the adoption fee? Is a cash method fine with you? And when and where would you like to meet and exchange? You can contact me at: 443-404-0568

    • Hi Krysta – I sent a text following up with what our adoption process is. As soon as you’re approved by the HWS we’d be happy to set up a date for you to meet our animals and find the one right for you.

  6. Rhyan Orenstein

    Hi My name is Rhyan and I’m in college living in the dorm. Im interested in adopting a hedgehog as a companion because I am living alone. I’m looking for a hedgehog that enjoys being held and cuddled and is outgoing and friendly. I’ll be looking to adopt in late august, how do you suggest I proceed?

  7. Ja'na

    Good Evening,

    To whom it may concern, I would like to set up a appointment to visit your hedgehogs that are up for adoption. Just alittle information about myself, I am a stay-at-home college student who’s been living alone for approximately 6yrs, and I believe that its time to get a nocturnal friend to keep me company. I have never owned a hedgehog before; however, I am doing my research to prepare myself for a quill baby. I look forward to speaking with you, and hopefully we can set up an appointment soon.

    Warm Regards


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