Hedgehogs are becoming increasingly popular pets, and unfortunately the information readily available about them isn’t appearing as quickly as the hedgehogs are.

To remedy the lack of information we’ve begun this website, and provide educational presentations to various institutions to spread the word about hedgehogs and hedgehog husbandry.

We’ll advertise the dates we’re appearing on the website as well as the Facebook page.

If you’re interested in owning a hedgehog and we’re not readily available, we offer a personal presentation on hedgehog care. E-mail us to set up an appointment and we’ll show you everything you need and happily answer any questions you might have.

In addition to these appearances we offer educational talks to schools.  We’ve done talks to everyone from preschoolers to middle schoolers and are well able to tailor our talks to the audiences we’re addressing.  Every talk is done accompanied by our ambassador hedgehog Puca. These talks are a hands on experience, and perfect for children and science classes.

If you’re interested in having us at your institution, send us an e-mail at to book a date.*


*There will be a small fee for most engagements.


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