Meet Our Creatures


Hedgehog Ambassadors

Dr. Toodles

Princess Prickles



Fostered Hedgehogs


[ Picture coming soon. ]

Khaleesi is a hedgehog that we are watching for a friend who is expecting her third child. She’s actually one our friend adopted from us! She’s an outgoing hedgehog, who always finds something to keep her busy whether in the cage or out. Many nights we walk into the room to find her nose stuck between the bars, little vampire fangs smiling at us as she waits to be fed or brought out for a bit of cuddling. She’s a hedgehog we’re always happy to show off – especially since she came to us as a more nervous, stand-offish girl. I don’t think I’ve heard her huff once in the time since our friend took her in.

Billy Butcher


Adoptable Hedgehogs







Rat Ambassadors

Griffin Rattleroy

[ Picture coming soon. ]

Griffin is the second of the Pink Eyed White twins, and also the smaller of the two. While the two are difficult to tell apart, when it comes to handling them Griffin is inevitably the one who cuddles up in your hand and calls it a day. More than once he has fallen asleep while being held, and the moment he wakes up he must attack you with licks until you begin petting him and cause him to sleep on you yet again. He’s a remarkably endearing rat, and while at times the opposite of Peralta, the two definitely know how to play well and play hard. They live up to our original Pink Eyed White, Spooky’s, legacy well and will continue it for many years to come. Like Peralta, Griffin can often be found in Kissy Korner, reaching out of the cage to grab onto your finger and pull it in for kisses.


Curly Joe

[ Picture coming soon. ]

If you ever meet Curly Joe, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that he’s in the midst of auditioning for the role of Spider Man. This young rex rat has the curliest whiskers imaginable, and is forever eager both for attention and to explore the world around him. He is a playful beast, and deeply bonded with Kit Snow, Trader Joe, and Fitz. I’m very excited for him to make his ambassador debut once he is big enough and has calmed down just a little.


Lucky the Pizza Rat

Tito del Tutter

Cal Abar







Amelia Earhart


Amelia Earhart is our African Pied Crow. She came to us from the wonderful former breeder, now rescuer, Diva Crows who we can’t recommend enough as an educator and a mentor. Amelia gained her name due to the broken toe she came to us sporting, due to an accident by landing too hard while learning to fly. Good at flying, bad at landing were the words she lived by until relatively recently. No worries, though, being a young crow that is to be expected. Amelia is an endlessly fascinating companion, and makes her appearances teaching the world about corvids, animal emotion, and animal intelligence. In addition to teaching people about proper etiquette in regards to fledglings and environmental stewardship. She has a lot on her shoulders, but she carries it well. After all, you can’t be a corvid without a certain amount of style.



Eliot the Spectacular


Eliot is a Siberian Husky. Commonly, husky enthusiasts describe the dogs as being unfit for first time owners, or ‘dogs on hard mode.’ They are generally quite right in both. Huskies and other snow dogs are quite unique among domesticated dogs, as they still retain a good deal of the attributes of their ‘primitive breed.’ Eliot is a mischievous, stubborn, independent dog who is fully aware of how charming he is and uses it to his advantage. He’s endlessly amusing, and a bit of a headache at times. Come to see us and you will hear him voice all of his opinions at you… while running around in circles in a happy dance because clearly you are there to see him and only him. Being a puppy, he’ll hopefully begin to calm down a bit – he already has a good deal since we first got him – but until then we hope that anyone visiting will understand. Huskies just have to howl sometimes…



20 thoughts on “Meet Our Creatures

  1. nettie

    As the proud Mother of the #3 female in this prickle; I couldn’t be happier with her. She was the tiniest of the prickle and still has her “baby face”, which I love. She is gentle and sassy at the same time and I love holding her in my hand every day. No matter how my day is going she always brings a smile to my face with her baby face.

    • Hello!

      Thank you for your interest. Our next litter should be available around May/June of this year. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit that you put down so you guarantee that you receive the hoglet of your choice. The remainder is $200 paid in person upon pickup of the hoglet. Further information can be found on the pricing page, but feel welcome to contact me if you have further questions.

  2. Jocelyn kemp

    Hello! I was wondering how I could get a hedgehog? I had one once before and loved her! And Im ready for a new prickly friend!

  3. Ana Embrey

    Are you still breeding? If not can you refer me to someone in southern me please? I’ve been researching and I’m almost ready .

  4. Mae

    Hello, I spoke with you on the phone last week about possibly adopting a hedgehog for my 16 yr old daughter. How possible would it be to meet you and your hedgehogs this Friday afternoon? Would 2 or 3 pm be possible?

    FYI – We may not adopt or make a decision that day, given we are just being introduced to having hedgehogs as pets. But my daughter is very excited to learn more.

    • Hi!

      I would love to see you guys on Friday. Those times sound absolutely fine. Just shoot me a text and we can firm it up. We’ll have an adoptable with us on Friday that will be ready in a few weeks for placement, so she might end up being perfect for your situation.

  5. Siena Strain

    Hi my name is Siena. I emailed you a couple of days ago regarding adopting a hedgehog. I wrote everything and contact info on the email so just wanted to make sure you saw it. Thank you! -Siena S.

  6. Jordan

    I just wanted to say that I’d highly recommend this rescue for anyone looking here. I adopted my hedgehog in April of 2019 from here, and he has been an awesome little guy.

  7. Jolie Jones

    Hi! I’m looking to adopt a hedgehog and wanted to see pictures of the one’s available. I messaged the number left in the comments! Is this breeder still active?

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