Meet Our Creatures


Hedgehog Ambassadors

Agent Cooper

[ Picture coming soon. ]

Agent Cooper came to us from the delightful Christine Matarese of Curious Creatures Rescue. He came to her from a hoarding situation that saw somewhere around 20 hedgehogs living in a bin in a closet! As a result of his former life, he is still learning to trust people and is skittish around them. As an ambassador he is representative of the way hedgehogs are far too often neglected, and the way that can affect their personalities. In the time that we have had him he has begun to open up, and we are hoping over time that he will prove to be a success story. Many hedgehogs have come to us in similar situations and learned to be the sweet creatures that all hedgehogs can be.


[ Picture coming soon. ]

Pimento also came to us from Curious Creatures Rescue. He was the result of an accidental litter from the hoarding situation described above. Luckily, his mother came to the rescue pregnant, so he didn’t spend any time at all in the bin in the closet. He’s a very active, curious, wriggly hedgehog who can’t get enough of the world around him. As an ambassador he is certain to delight everyone around him with his silly antics and outgoing personality. In time, perhaps he’ll calm down, but for now he is the largest baby we’ve had – and also the funniest. He likes nothing more than snuggling up on a person’s shoulder, sniffing the air around them.

Fostered Hedgehogs


[ Picture coming soon. ]

Khaleesi is a hedgehog that we are watching for a friend who is expecting her third child. She’s actually one our friend adopted from us! She’s an outgoing hedgehog, who always finds something to keep her busy whether in the cage or out. Many nights we walk into the room to find her nose stuck between the bars, little vampire fangs smiling at us as she waits to be fed or brought out for a bit of cuddling. She’s a hedgehog we’re always happy to show off – especially since she came to us as a more nervous, stand-offish girl. I don’t think I’ve heard her huff once in the time since our friend took her in.


[ Picture coming soon. ]

Luna is the second hedgehog  that we are watching for our friend. After rescuing two hedgehogs from us, our friend ended up rescuing a third when she heard of a coworker looking to rehome her hedgehog. Luna, while the more anxious of the two hedgehogs, is still a hedgehog that is willing to curl up in your hand if you stick it in the snuggle sack with her. She snores in her sleep, and is willing at times to even accept tummy rubs. From neglect, to a loving home, to a temporary foster situation where she is enjoying far too many treats. It isn’t a bad life for a hedgehog.


[ Picture coming soon. ]

Pan is an interesting case. She came to us several months ago, a reluctant surrender that was entirely due to an unknown medical condition. She seemed to be sprouting tumor like growths over the whole of her body – but they weren’t tumors, and in fact could even be peeled off with dedicated attention and a patient hedgehog. After months of trying different solutions we ended up discovering that she, in fact, had a form of mange. Since then we’ve been treating her and she has been healing with leaps and bounds. We hope to get back in touch with her owner soon so that she may find her way home – if not, then she will be finding her way to our adoption page. She’s an outgoing, very round hedgehog. She’d do well for someone looking for a snuggly pet once she is fully recovered.


Adoptable Hedgehogs


[ Picture coming soon. ]

Jasper is an elderly hedgehog who was surrendered to us from a loving home. He is a charming little fellow – more fond of sleeping now than being brought out of his cage for playtime. In spite of his age he is still active, still sporting all of his teeth, and still able to self-anoint as well as a younger hedgehog. We’re happy to see him as busy and limber as he is. While he is adoptable, we would prefer he end up in an experienced owner’s home due to his age and the troubles that can come from that.

Noodlez with a Z [ Has been adopted and is now Ms. Beatrix and happy in her new home! ]

[ Picture coming soon. ]

Noodlez is one of our favorite hedgehogs. I say this often, but I nonetheless mean it. Missing one eye, and blind in the other, she still goes through life much like a fully sighted hedgehog. She is one of the fastest, busiest runners we have ever had the pleasure of keeping. The moment anyone enters the room and she hears their voices she is out of her log-hide and running figure eights around her cage. In fact, she runs these laps so much that she eschewed any use of a wheel in favor of paving her own racetrack. Noodlez is an utter delight to watch, although still uncertain of being handled too much. It’s easy to spook her due to the fact that she can’t ever see you coming.


[ Picture coming soon. ]

Apollo came to us under unfortunate circumstances. Surrendered to us not by his owner, but by the owner’s girlfriend, he didn’t even have an actual name. We were told that they “thought” it was “Elius.” When visited by another adopter and her daughter we let the daughter rename him and he was christened Apollo. Apollo is still a more nervous hedgehog, primarily due to not being handled enough. He’s fond of being pet and being held, and with him being one of our ambassadors until he’s adopted, he’s certainly been attracting attention. In the right home he is certain to flourish, and is liable to become quite the cuddly hedgehog given time.

Marty McFly

[ Picture coming soon. ]

Marty McFly is a very unfortunate hedgehog. He was surrendered to us by a family that bought him from a breeder and tried for over a year to tame him down. After many pricked hands and frustration they gave him to us, and in this situation we adopted out a hedgehog to them in exchange. While Marty is adoptable, he is an intimidating, grumpy man. He will be being fostered soon by my apprentice who hopefully will have much better luck than anyone else has had with him thus far…


Rat Ambassadors

Kit Snow: The Rat in the North

[ Picture coming soon. ]

Kit Snow is a remarkable rat. We like to describe him as our roommate rather than our pet due to the independence that he has habitually shown. In spite of him being more of a loner than the rest of our rats, whenever we let him run free he’ll inevitably surprise us by hopping up on our laps and deciding to practice some “rodentistry.” Kit Snow has made introductions a breeze. He loves playing with the new babies, even now in his old age. He’s always eager to meet new rats and people both and never turns down a kiss to his belly. He’s not a kisser, but his personality more than makes up for it.



[ Picture coming soon. ]

Peralta is the first of our Pink Eyed White twins. He is a curious rat, always eager to find someone new to pounce on and wrestle with. He’ll follow your hand if you tickle him, so long as he isn’t distracted by another rat in his vicinity. Peralta is the first rat to Kissy Korner in our cage any time someone walks into the room. He’s taken Trader Joe the PiRat under his wing, with Griffin by his side, and is very protective of him. These two are very eager kissers, and have been teaching the others to follow in their footsteps and become more tongue than rat.


Griffin Rattleroy

[ Picture coming soon. ]

Griffin is the second of the Pink Eyed White twins, and also the smaller of the two. While the two are difficult to tell apart, when it comes to handling them Griffin is inevitably the one who cuddles up in your hand and calls it a day. More than once he has fallen asleep while being held, and the moment he wakes up he must attack you with licks until you begin petting him and cause him to sleep on you yet again. He’s a remarkably endearing rat, and while at times the opposite of Peralta, the two definitely know how to play well and play hard. They live up to our original Pink Eyed White, Spooky’s, legacy well and will continue it for many years to come. Like Peralta, Griffin can often be found in Kissy Korner, reaching out of the cage to grab onto your finger and pull it in for kisses.


Curly Joe

[ Picture coming soon. ]

If you ever meet Curly Joe, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that he’s in the midst of auditioning for the role of Spider Man. This young rex rat has the curliest whiskers imaginable, and is forever eager both for attention and to explore the world around him. He is a playful beast, and deeply bonded with Kit Snow, Trader Joe, and Fitz. I’m very excited for him to make his ambassador debut once he is big enough and has calmed down just a little.


Trader Joe the PiRat

[ Picture coming soon. ]

Trader Joe the PiRat is a beautiful one-eyed Siamese. He lost his eye due to freak accident at a very young age, but he hasn’t let it slow him down in the least. He is a very loving little rat, and is just as willing to fall asleep in your hand as Griffin is. He has been learning to be a very kissy rat, just like Curly Joe. As a Siamese, his markings are beginning to come in so he looks like quite the toasted marshmallow. We’re eager to see how his personality develops as he gets older, but for now he is learning from the best and growing up into quite the affectionate, cuddly rat.


[ Picture coming soon. ]

Fitz is one of two surrenders that we recently received. He is a jumbo rat, likely intended to be a feeder, with fur as amazingly curly as Curly Joe’s. Curly Joe himself has quite taken to Fitz, and views him as a mentor as well as a potential pillow for the near future. While Fitz entered our care fairly shy and nervous, he has blossomed into a true cuddly beast. He will likely be showing up a fair bit alongside Remy in our educational presentations. He is also sure to be a hit with everyone who meets him when they come to visit our menagerie.


[ Picture coming soon. ]

Remy, named for the rat in ‘Ratatouille’ is the second surrender that we recently received. Another jumbo rat, he has certainly lived up to his name in being the spitting image of the rat in the movie. He is also one of the cuddliest rats we’ve had, always willing to snuggle up against whoever is holding him and accept as many pets as a person is willing to give. He’s begun to show quite the penchant for licking, as well, and will be showing up in future presentations quite a bit with his brother Fitz.


Amelia Earhart

[ Picture coming soon. ]

Amelia Earhart is our African Pied Crow. She came to us from the wonderful former breeder, now rescuer, Diva Crows who we can’t recommend enough as an educator and a mentor. Amelia gained her name due to the broken toe she came to us sporting, due to an accident by landing too hard while learning to fly. Good at flying, bad at landing were the words she lived by until relatively recently. No worries, though, being a young crow that is to be expected. Amelia is an endlessly fascinating companion, and makes her appearances teaching the world about corvids, animal emotion, and animal intelligence. In addition to teaching people about proper etiquette in regards to fledglings and environmental stewardship. She has a lot on her shoulders, but she carries it well. After all, you can’t be a corvid without a certain amount of style.



Eliot the Spectacular

[ Picture coming soon. ]

Eliot is a Siberian Husky. Commonly, husky enthusiasts describe the dogs as being unfit for first time owners, or ‘dogs on hard mode.’ They are generally quite right in both. Huskies and other snow dogs are quite unique among domesticated dogs, as they still retain a good deal of the attributes of their ‘primitive breed.’ Eliot is a mischievous, stubborn, independent dog who is fully aware of how charming he is and uses it to his advantage. He’s endlessly amusing, and a bit of a headache at times. Come to see us and you will hear him voice all of his opinions at you… while running around in circles in a happy dance because clearly you are there to see him and only him. Being a puppy, he’ll hopefully begin to calm down a bit – he already has a good deal since we first got him – but until then we hope that anyone visiting will understand. Huskies just have to howl sometimes…

2 thoughts on “Meet Our Creatures

  1. Mae

    Hello, I spoke with you on the phone last week about possibly adopting a hedgehog for my 16 yr old daughter. How possible would it be to meet you and your hedgehogs this Friday afternoon? Would 2 or 3 pm be possible?

    FYI – We may not adopt or make a decision that day, given we are just being introduced to having hedgehogs as pets. But my daughter is very excited to learn more.

    • Hi!

      I would love to see you guys on Friday. Those times sound absolutely fine. Just shoot me a text and we can firm it up. We’ll have an adoptable with us on Friday that will be ready in a few weeks for placement, so she might end up being perfect for your situation.

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