Meet Our Prickle



Ambassador Hedgehog!

Púca was our first hedgehog, born April 2nd 2013. She’s a high pinto, with a full light gray mask. While her tiny stature prevents her from breeding, Púca is the star of our educational presentations. Her outgoing personality, willingness to play, and natural curiosity make her a perfect hedgehog ambassador.


Oh hi!

Moriarty was born May 2nd 2013. She’s a low pinto with a full dark mask and some coloration on her legs. While she is also a hedgehog ambassador, constantly seeking out cuddles and attention, she is also our breeding female. She’s so well socialized she’ll show off her hoglets to anyone provided she gets her chin scratched and is fed plenty of treats.


Hedgehog or Parrot?

Sebastian was born April 22, 2013. He’s a cinnicot male, with an adorable pink nose and a white facial mask. He has the personality of a hoglet, still mouthing at most things that come his way and huffing in annoyance when he struggles to self-anoint. He’s our first rescue, and with our help he’s changed from a ball of quills resembling a blowfish to a curious, if cautious, hedgehog.

Sebastian is an excellent example of how socialization is important to hedgehog development – and likewise, just how far proper care and ownership can go in improving an animals life.


Hullo, world. It's me, hedgehog.

He’s waving hi!

April 8th, 2013 – July 13, 2014

Watson was born April 8th, 2013. He was a dark cinnamon male, with a full facial mask.  He had a liver colored nose, and an outgoing personality. He warmed up to people quickly, and had by far the most vocal purr of our prickle. His antics endeared him to everyone who had the pleasure to meet him, and he passed down his entertaining curiosity to all his dear hoglets.


14 thoughts on “Meet Our Prickle

    • Hello!

      I appreciate your interest in Watson, he’s a really great hedgehog. Unfortunately, he is not for sale. We use him for our educational outreach quite often, and he’s also one of our breeder hedgehogs. You’d have a chance to meet him at one of our presentations if you’re interested. 🙂 We list the dates here on the website, as well as on our Facebook page and Twitter.

      Although you can’t have Watson, you can have his hoglets. 🙂 We’re going to be breeding him and Moriarty again at the end of April, and the hoglets will be ready for rehoming six weeks after birth. If you’re interested, we could add you to the e-mail list so you’d be able to reserve a hoglet of your choice when the time comes. 🙂

      Otherworld Exotics

    • Hello Mason!

      Moriarty is wonderful, a really great hedgie. She’s not for sale, as she is our main breeder, an educational hedgehog, and our pet! But, she will be having another litter soon and the hoglets will be for sale. 🙂

      Last litter she had a little girl that was the spitting image of her, both in color and personality. If you’re interested, we can add you to our mailing list and tell you when our next litter happens and send you pictures of the new hedgies. Just drop us a line at and we can keep you posted.

      Otherworld Exotics

  1. Gabby Riddle

    I am very interested in buying myself a baby hedgehog! Please email me about more information on when I possibly could buy one.

    • Hello! We’re expecting a new litter to be born around April 20-30. I’ll be updating with the information on the new hoglets (how many there are and such). They’ll be available for reservation three weeks after birth. Reserving a hedgehog is $50 through either Amazon Payments or Paypal. To reserve one, send an e-mail to me at and I’ll contact you soon as the litter is born/available for reservation.

      Hope that made sense!!

  2. hello my name is Matthew Kight and me and my wife and two daughters ( ages nine and eleven) are very interested in buying a hedgehog of any sex but our family would prefer a male hedgehog. we are good with your price of 250$ and we would like to purchase a baby hedgehog as soon as possible for mainly my two daughters, preferably by the end of summer. also we have no idea what we would feed our hedgehog, we are thinking the name Matrix for our little hedgie. please email me or my wife and/or

    • The cost for a hoglet is $250. The highest it goes (based upon rare coloring, or if you plan to breed) is $300. On the East Coast you should never be paying less than $250 and never more than $300. We try to keep our prices fair.

    • Hello. 🙂 We’re expecting new litters to be born around Thanksgiving day – deposits will be accepted around 3 weeks after their birth, and they’ll be adoptable at 6 weeks. We charge $250 regardless of sex and color for the most part.

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