August 9th Broadneck Community Library
Hedgehog Story Time
10 AM

Come join us at Broadneck Community Library for a hands on hedgehog experience! The local librarian will read us an exciting hedgehog story, answer your hedgehog questions, and then teach you how to properly pet these unusual animals. Did you know pet hedgehogs eat cat food? Did you know hedgehog quills are almost identical to the hair on your own head? Did you know hedgehogs were around when the dinosaurs roamed the earth? Learn these things and more and get to pet a hedgehog!

At least one hedgehog at the event will be up for adoption. Want to learn more about adopting a rescue hedgehog? Feel free to contact us at

October 19th & 20th Robinson Nature Center
Spooky Animal Show

Come join us at the Robinson Nature Center to meet all sorts of creepy creatures. We will be there with our rats – ready to be fed treats and handled – with a possible guest appearance by a certain feathered friend… All questions regarding these animals will be happily answered. Perhaps they aren’t quite as spooky as we commonly make them out to be?


October 30th Walkersville Library
Spooky Story Time

Come join us at the Walkersville Public Library for an afternoon of spooky tales and scary creatures. We will be reading a book or poem featuring the scary rats in question before revealing them to the astonished crowd. Learn about keeping rats as pets, the various types of rats that are kept, and get to interact with them yourself. We will be providing treats and some lucky children will even be able to feed the creatures!


November 8th Walkersville Library
Hedgehog Story Time

Join us at the Walkersville Public Library this November for story and playtime both! We will be reading a children’s book featuring our prickly friends and then bringing out the spiny creatures themselves. Children will be able to interact with the hedgehogs while learning all about what it’s like to keep them as pets.

At least one hedgehog at the event will be available for adoption. Inquire for further details closer to the date.

January 30th Walkersville Library
Hedgehog Educational Program

Just because you’re a teenager doesn’t mean you have to miss out on hedgehog programs! Join us at Walkersville Public Library to learn all about the remarkable creatures hedgehogs are. Did you know they coexisted with dinosaurs and are immune to most venom? Did you know their quills are actually hollow? You’ll learn all this and more throughout the course of our program and the question and answer period. You might even be allowed to touch the hedgehog to feel just how spiky they are.

At least one hedeghog at the event will be available for adoption. Inquire for further details closer to the date.

February 23rd Robinson Nature Center
A Home for Warm, Fuzzy, and Prickly

Come to the Robinson Nature Center for a reading of “The Mitten” by Jan Brett. Following the storytime you will be able to interact with actual animals from the story! We will be there, along with Friends of Rabbits, with animals from the story itself available for both meeting and potential adoption.