Educational Events


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Hedgehog Meet and Greet

The Hedgehog Meet and Greet is our most common event. We bring three hedgehogs to the event in question and provide a small talk about the basics of hedgehogs and what we do. This is followed by a Q&A session, and then an opportunity for anyone who wishes to pet a hedgehog the chance to do so.

Hedgehog Story Time

Hedgehog Story Time is the event we most commonly do at libraries. A librarian will read a selected story featuring the animal in question before we bring out a real hedgehog.  We would be happy to provide suggestions to the librarian, or even story books if need be. We generally bring three hedgehogs to the event in question. Following the story we offer a small talk about hedgehogs’ basic behavior and what we do. Q&A follows, after which anyone who wishes is able to come and pet the animals in question.

Spooky Story Time

Spooky Story Time is the same as the Hedgehog Story Time with the exception of the animal in question being rats. Rats are commonly viewed as frightening animals and people often have aversions to them. This program offers us an opportunity for a greater understanding of these creatures. Rats in fact are intelligent, incredibly clean, and just as emotionally invested in their friends and curious about the world as we are. Three rats will be brought to the event and people will be allowed to pet them after the Q&A, as well as give them treats that we will provide.

Spooky Meet and Greet

Spooky Meet and Greet is the same as the Hedgehog Meet and Greet but features rats instead of hedgehogs. We will give a small natural history about rats being kept as pets, and follow it with an audience Q&A. People will be able to then pet the rats if they wish as well as feed them treats that we have brought with us for the occasion.

The Literary Crow (Edgar Allan Poe Appreciation)

The Literary Crow is an event especially curated to Edgar Allan Poe Appreciation. Whether his birthday or the day of his mysterious death, we are happy to come and offer up the spooky tale. This event includes a history of Edgar Allan Poe, as well as a history of the corvid species he immortalized. Did you know that Poe wasn’t the only literary figure with a fascination for crows and ravens? Did you know that crows and ravens might actually be responsible for giving the human species the gift of language?

The story of Poe is woven with the natural history of the bird in a brief talk followed by a Q&A. Amelia the crow herself is out throughout it, providing through her inimitable presence to the program. The hosts of the program will be gifted one of Ms. Amelia’s feathers.

Avians and Aviators (Amelia Earhart Appreciation)

Avians and Aviators is a program that focuses more on the female of the species. A talk is given about the family structure of corvids, as well as a small history of our crow Amelia’s namesake herself. Did you know that not only do corvids mate for life, but they also live in family groups? Did you know the offspring of previous year’s clutches will often come to visit the family? It’s a small talk followed by a Q&A and overseen by the crow herself.

As with all programs involving Ms. Amelia, a feather will be given to the host of the program.